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[Freeware] PcWedge 1.2007.02.13: Software Keyboard Wedge for Windows XP, Vista, or greater

Posted by mepoadm 

Version: 1.2007.02.13

An interface RS232 serial Bar-Code Reader output.

PcWedge is a small tool which offers an interface for the RS232 serial Bar-Code Reader output and converts the data to keystrokes in any Windows application as if it were being typed directly in the keyboard. Optionally it can save Serial data output in a txt file.

PCWedge was designed to run with very low demand on system resources and hardware. It does not need any runtime DLLs to work correctly. You do not have to download other files for PCWedge to work properly.

Direct download (from the attached):

Original source from softpedia:

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